UPSEE 2016 Question Booklets, Answer Keys and Solutions

(Last Update :27/05/2016)

U.P. State Entrance Examination (UPSEE) - 2016

Dear Candidate(s),

Hope you must have done well in the UPSEE-2016 Examination. Here are the Question Booklets of various Question Papers of UPSEE-2016. The Answer Keys of the one set of each Question Paper is also given. The Answer Keys of other sets of the Question Paper may be derived accordingly. 

Question Booklet: PAPER-1: Set AA     Answer KeysPaper-1 : Set AA    Solution :  Paper-1  :  Set AA
Question Booklet: PAPER-1: Set AB     Answer KeysPaper-1 : Set AB
Question Booklet: PAPER-1: Set AC     Answer KeysPaper-1 : Set AC
Question Booklet: PAPER-1: Set AD     Answer KeysPaper-1 : Set AD

Question Booklet: PAPER-2Set BB     Answer KeysPaper-2 : Set BB
Question Booklet: PAPER-2Set BC     Answer KeysPaper-2 : Set BC
Question Booklet: PAPER-2Set BD     Answer KeysPaper-2 : Set BD

Question Booklet: PAPER-3Set CA     Answer KeysPaper-3: Set CA

Question Booklet: PAPER-4 Part A: Set DA      Answer KeysPaper-4Set DA

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